Temple Shrines

Small Hill Temple - Yoga Anjeneyar Shrine

            The Presiding deity Yoga Anjeneya with 4 hands is in Yoga posture facing west.  Discuss in top right hand.  Conch in top left hand and Jabamalai and  JabaSangu in other hands.  Procession deity is in standing posture with 4 hands.

Yoga Anjeneyar Vimanam

  Yoga Anjeneyar Shrine

Yoga Anjeneyar

 Aranganathar Shrine 

            Lord Aranganathar  is  called  as  Bala (Child) Aranganathar.  He has  been  consecrated there to be worshipped by Lord Rama.  Bala  Aranganathar is in  lying  pose.  The  idols  of  Perumal,  Sridevi and Boodevi are in worship.


Ramar ,Lakshman & Sita.

Ramar Shrine 

            Lord Ramar appears with Lakshman and  Sita.  It is told that he has been consecrated  there to be worshipped by  Lord  Anjeneya.  In  this  shrine  the idols of Ramar,  Lakshman,  Sita,  Chakrathalvar and Navaneetha Krishnan are in worship.

Chakrathalvar & Navaneetha Krishnan 

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